Resources for Foley Lab Members

This is page is meant to be a repository of useful information for Foley Lab members. There is a growing list of YouTube tutorials meant to familiarize you with some of the basics of computational work, including how to remotely access the Foley Lab computers, how to edit files on a Linux machine, how to plot data with gnuplot, etc. More general external resources are also provided below.

Internal Resources:

YouTube Tutorials:

  1. Tutorial One: Remote Access to Foley Lab Computers using ssh

  2. Tutorial Two: Remote Access to Foley Lab Computers using sftp

  3. Tutorial Three: Editing text files with Vim

  4. Tutorial Four: Plotting data with gnuplot

  5. Tutorial Five: Basic github usage (Coming Soon)

  6. Tutorial Six: Variational Method applied to the Harmonic Oscillator with Python:

Part 1: General Overview

Part 2: Implementing Basic Tools

Part 3: Putting it all together

Python code

  1. Tutorial Seven: Wavepacket Dynamics with Python:

Part 1: General Overview

Part 2: Expansion of Initial Gaussian Wavepacket

– Part 3: Animating the dynamics (Coming Soon)

Python code for Part 2

Python code for Part 3

  1. Tutorial Eight: Basic LaTeX use

Blank LaTeX document

Blank BibTex document

Foley Lab Project Status Report - To be used by Foley Lab members to track progress on their research projects - MANDATORY FOR SENIOR RESEARCH STUDENTS!

Cheat sheet for common Linux/Vim commands

External Resources

  1. Intermediate Git tutorial by Dr. Raman Shah

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

General Resources

Being an effective researcher in the Foley Lab should be mutually beneficial - your efforts should contribute to your own intellectual and professional growth, and they should also further the research goals of the Foley Lab. This situation doesn’t arise by accident; it takes communication, planning, and purposeful effort from all parties.
Below are some resources from people that have been influential in how I think about purposeful effort, persistence, and planning in research.

  1. Google Talk on Growth Mindset by Prof. Carol Dweck

  2. Goole Talk on Grit by Prof. Angela Duckworth

  3. Prof. George Whitesides’ guide to writing a scientific paper

Other Useful Resources:

Time evolution of a Gaussian Wavepacket

Vim Cheat Sheet